Friday, 4 January 2013

Learning Running

Learning Running? We all run, how hard can it be?

Well, there are still things to know, and most I learned the hard way. Here are my (completely unofficial) running tips based on my personal experience.

Follow a running programme so you can build up your strength and stamina gradually. It's more satisfying and keeps you motivated. Try aiming towards a race, not to be competitive but so you can achieve something brilliant.

Always stretch and walk for a bit before and after or you will hurt yourself. If you are sore, arnica gel is good rubbed on the legs. If you start to hurt, slow down or walk for a bit until it passes.

If you get stitch you may be overdoing it. Try slowing down and concentrate on your breathing until it passes. Also wait at least 1hr after eating before you run, but not until you are hungry or you will have no energy. Have a healthy snack after and drink plenty of water. I don't like to drink while running, but I know many people do.

Keep trying hard: you need to be sweaty and breathing hard or it won't be working. Breathing hard expands your lungs (good for asthmatics like me) and will improve your breathing. It's ok to breathe through your mouth. You should be sweaty and have a gentle ache in your legs when you finish. I found, initially, my upper body and core ached a lot too as this was also being exercised and strengthened.

Find nice places to run, a friendly gym for bad weather and local pedestrian routes in parks and scenery, it will lift your mood as well as helping your body.

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Leen said...

So it must be you running in the picture Lal. This must be your best ever New Year resolution!