Friday, 11 January 2013

Glowing Windows

This is a special post for Leen, my most faithful blog follower. Who recently got some books on architectural details, and likes windows.

This is a lovely art deco geometric window I spotted while driving through a council estate in Aberdeen. It is good to think that even council houses were thoughtfully detailed.

I especially notice windows when it is cold and dark in winter (or in Aberdeen, most of the time). Many older houses here have gorgeous stained glass windows which are beautiful with the light shining through. As you pass outside you think how cosy and welcoming it must be inside.

Where I grew up in West Bridgeford, the houses in the street next to mine had different round stained glass windows by the doors (photo 3 with windmill pattern) showing the sea with boats, the countryside and so on, all in a lovely 1940s(?) style.

Look for stained glass today!


Laura Castle said...

I dont know why, but I've always loved the funny shaped little windows you find :)

Sarah Rooftops said...

I know the exact windows you mean.

Hmm, I want to know how you're evaluating the loyalty of your blog followers! *gets defensive on Lola's and my behalf*

Leen said...

Sarah, dont worry, Leen is me and I am Elinor's Mum.
Loved the house etc in Nottingham just like ours was!

Elinor Vickers said...

All three of you are faithful blog followers and much appreciated! x