Saturday, 3 February 2018

Wall and Window: The Backs of Buildings

I spotted this lovely wall and window on a back road by the ancient Hardgate road in Aberdeen. This was the original medieval road from the city to the Bridge of Dee and then south. 
I love this wall because it is a hidge podge of many materials; brick, stone, cement, all from different times. The ghost of a door can be seen at the bottom. Also, a lovely arched window has been put in but edged slightly wonkily with old bricks. Often the back of a building or a messy or chaotic wall will reveal where older structures stood or where places have been redesigned, the real history is round the back!
I pass this wall often on my way to the Chinese takeaway!

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Leen said...

Now I KNOW what the photo in my inbox is!
Backs of buildings is really original and a great focus!!