Friday, 7 December 2012

Welly Weather

It's very snowy in Aberdeen at the moment. I'm going out to a birthday party tonight and was trying to explain the classic British look of party dress, cardi and wellies. Strangely, I couldn't find a picture, although Vogue and suchlike are always depicting grungy ballgowns...

Anyway, I did my own. You can make up your own story for why this posh girl in a ballgown is standing thoughtfully in the mud.


Maria said...

Love it. And I know exactly why she is looking so fab and standing in the mud.

See, she's been dating this awful jerk for a while now. Which she's been blind to because he's handsome and rich and charming in a manipulative way, but everyone else knows he's the worst. So they're at this party when she finally realizes it, and she breaks up with him right there, and leaves. Then she's out in the slush in her pretty dress realizing how awesome she is. Also, she's mentally planning brunch with her girlfriends tomorrow. Mimosas are in order. And she lives happily ever after. The end.

Sarah Rooftops said...

I think we all looked very stylish in our frocks and boots.

Have you seen those Trash the Dress photo shoots brides do after the wedding? Not sure I could bring myself to destroy a hugely expensive wedding dress for the sake of some cool pictures, but they often take on the welly boots and muddy ballgown idea.

Elinor Vickers said...

I love your story Maria. I imagined she had stayed up all night at a ball and walked out into a field to see the sun rise.
Sarah, I thought most people stored them carefully in a box? I find that a bit traumatic. My wedding dress is in the back wardrobe in a dress bag.