Thursday, 4 October 2012

That Forty Project

Serene facial, not disembodied zombie head, before you ask.
I'm pleased to report (for anyone who fancies trying) that regular running and a healthy diet will remove middle aged spread AND return your bum back up to where it ought to be. Well worth 1hr-ish of weekly suffering. I recently ran my first 5K and am now onto my 10K training programme!
A parallel strand of That Forty Project is a series of trips to that much feared venue The Beauty Salon. PureSpa is the most friendly and does excellent online deals. I've tried variously:
Back Massage: fantastic, really sorts out those crunchy malformed bits. Hot Stone Back Massage: soothing, but a sad lack of vigourous kneading so not so good as the basic massage.
Manicure: completely pointless with my manual job. Acrylic nails: too freaky as you can't remove it and have to put your hands in a UV lamp which made me think of hand cancer.
Pedicure: will awesomely transform your feet especially if you get the scary scalpel hard skin removal.
Facial; feels amazing, afterwards looked exactly the same as before. If Amy Pond thinks she has eye wrinkles she should see mine. Think I'll be spending that facial money on some lovely face cream instead.

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