Sunday, 23 September 2012

Race Day!

As I have been wittering on about for a while, (and in my post about the impending 4-0) I have been training for the last 4 months towards running a 5k race.
5k is about 3 miles and is easy to walk, but hard to run. It was certainly a lot tougher than I thought. I worked up from running for one minute at a time, until I could run for 40 minutes.
I was so excited when race day came. The race was at Hazlehead Park in Aberdeen and it was a lovely fresh, sunny Autumn day.
After an excruciatingly embarassing 'warm-up' about 200 of us set off. Some zoomed away immediately, some jogged along and some just walked. Me and Alistair were about in the middle group (Alistair running slowly to stay with me.) After about 10mins, the dreaded energy drop set in, but soon lifted and we were beetling steadily along. We did two laps of the park and speeded up for a good pound towards the finish line. The feeling of elation and achievement as I passed under the inflatable arch (pictured) was colossal, I felt brilliant! We did the run in 35 minutes which was better than I hoped for. I could have gone faster but wanted to finish and not have to rest part way. My next project is a 10k next year...


Sarah Rooftops said...

Well done, Elinor!

Clair said...

Well Done! I'm always impressed when someone runs anywhere, I find it so hard.