Friday, 22 January 2010

Hooray for Bollywood!

I've always wanted to watch more Bollywood films, even after being mystified by some interminable historical epic as a child. All I remember from it was a song called 'You're beautiful when you're angry' sung by a man clinging to a fast moving chariot being whipped by the girl on the moving vehicle...bizarre. I've recently seen and enjoyed some of the more European/ised films such as Bride and Prejudice (really fun), Monsoon Wedding (grittier) and the brilliant Slumdog Millionare. But now I am totally blown away by real full on Bollywood in the glorious form of Om Shanti Om, a three hour extravaganza or murder, reincarnation, revenge and jaw dropping musical numbers set in the world What shall I watch now? How much hot pink can you really wear and where do you learn that dancing?

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