Thursday, 7 January 2010

Fashion thoughts 2010

By the way, what ARE we calling this decade, is it the Noughties? Fashion trends I would like to continue are: purple, chunky knitwear, knitted dresses and bright nailvarnish (I just bought Opi's Purple with a Purpose) . Opi also offers 'match your nails and your emails' co-ordinated lap-tops!

Trends I would like to die a long and horrible death include hair straighteners, spike heeled shoes and shoe-boots, micro-minis and fake tan. I have a strange craving for silver eyeshadow also. My random predictions/hopes for '10, assuming the 80s revival continues, are for lots of red and pink, metallic make-up, big hair and patent. I'm wondering with a new decade if we should be going with a 60s Courreges futuristic space girl type look...

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