Thursday, 14 January 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ok, so I trained as an Interior Designer, but you don't always want to Live with the more wacky interiors ideas. Following years of experimentation/living in complete pits I bring you my guide to liveable interiors. (I also ought to warn you I am very much of the 70s Habitat generation rather than the 80s pink bathroom suite, festoon blind generation). First bit is boring...go for neutrals like beige/brown/cream in carpets, walls and big items like sofas (btw I HATE leather sofas they are so cold and sticky, buy a comfy sofa for God's sake). Bright or dark coloured walls will make the rooms seem poky and dim, low key colours like soft aquas, yellows, beiges, pinks are nice. Avoid light blue and green as they will give you a cold, institutional vibe. Go groovy with fun lighting and cushions, pictures and lots of plants for a relaxed 70s type feel. My favourite interors inspiartion books are the Terence Conran House Books, one 70s, one 80s which analyse different styles and looks from International Glamour to Moroccan Bohemian so you can get a feel for what you like. Most magazines are either naff or tacky but old copies of Wallpaper are fun and outrageous if you can find them. The only good places to buy interiors stuff seem to be John Lewis, Habitat and Ikea. If you are brave, charity shops sometimes have unusual furniture and are great for bizarre knick-knacks.

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