Sunday, 21 September 2008

Sundays for Usefulness

Sundays are for usefullness.

We made two more flat pack bookshelves, slightly denting the titanic overspill of books around us. At the risk of inducing a catastrophic incident, I think we are getting the hang of them, having now built eight of them. And yes, we live in a pretty small flat.

Sundays are also for comforting stodge. Alistair is doing his famous macaroni cheese, the secrets to great macaroni cheese are mustard and extra strong cheddar. French crunchy dijon is nicest as it gives you a bit of texture.
I am going for attempt Breadmaking for the first time with a garlic flatbread. There are some areas of cooking that give me the fear. Yeast cooking, pastry, sauces, roasts. I have cracked cakes lately though.....although they sometimes sink in the middle if you put enough icing on it fills the hole! Yay!

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