Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mud, cows and nettlerash.

Another castle exploring day today. My husband asked in bemusement 'and this is what you do on your days off?' No wimpy places with cafes and shops, no, the castles we favour are ruined, unsigned, often unmapped, past 'No Entry' signs and swamped in nettles and ivy. But also peaceful, romantic and undiscovered.
My friend and I were, however, repeatedly lost, wet, muddy, stung, exhausted and chased by a herd of cows. Maybe next time go for the cafe option. Although my skills with an OS map are improving......
I suspect Aberdeenshire may have more castles than anywhere else in the world possibly. It's hard to find any road where a ruin does not stand gaunt on a hill or turrets point from thick woods.

A much needed dinner tonight consisted of the highly recommended (although other supermarkets are available) Sainsbury's Chipotle Chili Burgers, oven chips and a beer.

Last might in a mega knitting marathon while hubster was playing World of Warcraft I finished the baby cardi for expecting friends. Despite it being lime green and slightly malformed, I hope they like it. Big knitting up to my friend's mum for her fab 'Housekeeping Mouse' all in knit, even a duster!


Alison said...

No one can say we're not intrepid. I may never look a cow in the eye again.

Elinor Vickers said...

The formerly harmless cow is now officially a menace to society, nay, even our very way of life itself! I'm going to eat some beef.