Friday, 19 September 2008

Feministy Rant

It's probably really bad to post twice in one day.
But I was watching this programme 'Dawn gets Naked' on Iplayer. It's about women's embarrassment about their bodies. I was a cripplingly shy teenager but following a sojourn in art college involving a combination of life drawing (big up to my friend and my Dad's ex girlfriend Christine the model, a larger lady) outrageous clothes and bad karaoke sessions I am now fairly confident actually.

Did you know that ALL those beautiful women in magazines are retouched using computers, that NEARLY ALL models have eating disorders and that we spend A FORTUNE on beauty stuff? Get real ladies! We're all lovely and should love ourselves. And if anyone doesn't like that they can get stuffed!

And yes, I'm enjoying a nice glass of wine as I rant here (French Colombard Chardonnay.)

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Elinor Vickers said...

Enjoy! It made me laugh so much!