Saturday, 25 October 2014

Wardrobe Reboot

About every six months or so I like to do a wardrobe reboot. This responds mainly to the move into Spring or Autumn when seasonal items are brought to the fore.

This time I am being especially ruthless. Due to the end of running with my gammy knee I am not as thin as I was. Cue a purge of painfully tight dresses and muffin top creating jeans.

Conversely, the space created reveals rarely worn but much loved garments from many years. Step forward purple velvet jacket and glitter tweed skirt.

I have also discovered my style evolving again. I never thought I would say that a blouse can actually look great. Or that shell tops are more flattering than tshirts if you are built large round the torso. Or that tight jeans flatter no stomach region. Or that too many lurid colours make you look like someone from 80s breakfast TV. Bring on subtler colours and interesting fabrics.

But the biggest development was the gift of a fantastic new sewing machine, which has triggered a rash of  making, not buying. I've just done an a line tweed skirt (librarian chic) am onto a grey floral 30s style blouse and then a dark green twill skirt awaits. I may even attempt the home dressmaking kryptonite...a jacket.

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