Sunday, 18 March 2012

Food Flavours

In Peckhams yesterday I discovered a jar of basil jam, which I snapped up, basil being one of my favourite flavours. And I was pondering, maybe I should be considering food in terms of flavours rather than as a whole.

I have pictured some of my favourite flavours; lemon, ginger and basil. I also love chocolate and tomato flavoured things. I hate coriander and am frankly ambivalent about orange and coffee. Interestingly, my Chinese stepmother hates anything citrus because they don't really eat that over there.

What are your favourite flavours and what foods do you seek out to enjoy them?


Sarah Rooftops said...

Basil jam? I can't even imagine how that tastes...

I like orange and rose and very dark chocolate. I don't like mint or coffee. Or mustard.

Maria said...

In trying to think what I put in absolutely everything I realized the answer was: garlic. Eek! Well, obviously not in sweet stuff, but cooking usually involves garlic.

I tend to stay away from anything very bitter as my bitter tasting ability is super strong. So no olives or broccoli or cilantro.

Leen said...

I think coffee best and cardamom [seeds] and fennel [bulbs]
Coffee really bitter and strong... prob addictive.

Elinor Vickers said...

I'm also interested in things I didn't use to like but now do. Fennel is one of these, so is licorice. You know, weird tasting things.