Sunday, 26 February 2012

Three Things February Again

Not many more three things February to go! March features, two trips away (Edinburgh and Northern Ireland) and my Birthday, however, so should hopefully be a good month.

1) Warm and sunny, went for lunch with friends and fellow bloggers Sarah and Lola (and Steve, Alistair and Graham). The Cafe 52 sharing platter of cheese, salami and dips is highly recommended.) I like nibbly food.

2) Another Mary Berry traybake in progress: orange and sultana cake.

3) Sunny days encourage/force me to do dusting and hoovering. I like using my Dyson 'cos I can see all the horrible dirt that has been successfully removed from my environment.


Sarah Rooftops said...

I like that about our Dyson, too. Though I don't understand how the cats manage to generate SO MUCH shed fur and scattered litter in so little time.

Lolakola said...

...each cat has a shadow and therefore I count it as having 4 cats. This is the only way I can understand all the fur!