Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Three Things February 1

It’s the 1st of February which means it's time for... Three Things February!
In TTF for each day of February, I’ll blog about three things fun things for that day. It’s the idea of my friend and fellow blogger Sarah as a way of fighting the winter blues. Sadly, I won't be able to do a painting every day but I will try to do some...

Finished the deep cleaning at my work where we crawl around the historic rooms on hands and knees or totter around on stepladders, dusting, wiping, hoovering and brushing everything.
While doing this I found a Councillor's Legal Book from 1920 containing an amusing reference to Habitual Inebriates (by which I think they mean winos).
I also have my Spring Bulb pot of hyacinths to remind me there is life in the winter. The picture on the pot is of pink hyacinths but we shall see...

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