Saturday, 17 March 2018

Art Reading

This year's reading project is art. I am trying to get more into art, together with my art classes I take on a thursday evening, the reading will hopefully inspire me.

So far I have read or have ready to read:

From Giotto to Cezanne by Michael Levy
The Art of Today by Brandon Taylor

I just bought these two wee paperbacks from the Oxfam shop today. 

A Closer Look at Techniques of Painting
A Closer Look at Colour

Both from the excellent National Gallery series, more technical art historical books.

The Art of Rivalry by Sebastian Smee

Fascinating book about the turbulent friendships or rivalries of C20th painters such as Freud and Bacon or De Kooning and Pollock.

The Last Pre Raphaelite by Mary MacCarthy

Hulking but gripping biography of Edward Burne Jones, featuring Rossetti, Morris and all the usual suspects. I have a bit of an obsession with this lot and Morris is an especial hero of mine.

A Short Book about Painting
A Short Book about Drawing

Both by Andrew Marr. Intensely personal accounts of his art and his thoughts on art which I cannot recommend too highly. 

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