Saturday, 4 June 2016

Tower House

The week before last I went on a fantastic trip to Udny Castle with my friend Alison. The castle is private so this was a rare opportunity. 
Outside, a lone tower is surrounded by forest and gloomy rhododendron drives. Inside, a riot of decoration...a tiny bedroom even the ceiling covered in green felt, a fabulous 80s chintzy bedroom, an L shaped bath in a tiny turret, a baroque hall with gigantic ochre velvet sofas and a grand piano piled high with books. Everywhere, tiny spiral stairs, nooks, crannies, stuffed with books and fabrics and tattered cushions. So homely. The tower dates from about 1500 and is the survivor of a gigantic victorian pile that was built around it. 
Painting wise, trying some actual perspective here and quite pleased with the results.

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