Sunday, 27 November 2011

Edwardian Elizabethan

Sorry no blog alst week as my Mum was visiting. We did go for a great Historical Walk though, exploring around Rubislaw Den. The area has the amazing old quarry ('the biggest hole in Europe' apparently) enticingly ringed by big DANGER signs and some of Aberdeen's most expensive homes. Most date from the early 1900s and are so varied you feel the client just stabbed his finger in a picture book and said 'I'll have one of those please'. This one on Queen's Road is Elizabethan, a style you don't often see in Scotland where Baronial is more the thing. Presumably this is because Elizabeth I and thus Elizabethan didn't have any impact up here (a fact I always overlook in my English parochialism.) Anyway, much lovely home eye candy to enjoy, recommended.

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