Sunday, 10 July 2011

Albyn Place

Today's walk encompassed Albyn Place, an area I know well as my other half works there. It is a lovely, Regency feeling area of Aberdeen full of classical villas. This is my favourite, No26, designed by Archibald Simpson and dating from 1830. I have missed off the later rooflights to enjoy the proper appearance.
Albyn Place was built on the lands of Rubislaw, belonging to James Skene. He lived in Albyn Place in Edinburgh (hence the same name in Aberdeen), and based the neighbourhood on the New Town of Edinburgh. Interesting buildings and things to look for include Harlaw Academy (formerly Mrs Emslie's Institution for desitute and orphaned girls), The College Bar (formerly Christ's College training institute for Free Church clergymen) and St John's Well (associated with the Knights of St John of Jerusalem and formerly in the Hardgate). There is also a lovely small park with a huge old tree in it.

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