Friday, 24 December 2010

Sugar in the Snow

And the cooking projects go on! Being snowed out of work for Ages, I have mostly been lurking in the kitchen, experimenting. Having finally cracked pastry and bread, I am moving on (increasing difficulty gradient) to sweet making. Two batches of Turkish Delight were a total failure for unknown reasons. The first one (veggie) was gritty and the second could have been the greatest adhesive yet known to humankind. (Not veggie, I must admit the thought of eating boiled hooves is very unappealing, if that's how they still make gelatine.) Mint fondants, however turned out well, and I am so chuffed with chocolates. Very satisfying dipping things in molten chocolate, although you have to be quick before the chocolate's inside melts too. Recommended books for inspiration: (Bought for me by my friend Sarah). And : (bought from the shop at my work).

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