Friday, 19 February 2010

Fridge related Dessert Malfunction

(Not actually my fridge, some fridge in Tel-Aviv brought to you by the wonder of the internet...)

Looking out of the window at endless snow and not wanting to cave and put the heating on=cooking session. Techical fail yesterday though. Following the excellent chocolate mousse I made I moved on to lemon. It all looked good until I put it in the fridge, where it slowly sank and re-liquified itself in an entropic manner (all things return to the chaos from whence they came). This follows the Creme Brulee failure where it completely re-liquified as I grilled the sugar topping under the grill. Must get more gas for my kitchen blowtorch my bro gave me. Desserts are very tricky but I keep trying.
Speaking of I really enjoyed this top programme on cooking with chocolate:
Raymond's pretty scary, with kitchen staff cowering in fear, but the food looked fantastic. I was most impressed by the chocolate coffeecup and saucer full of coffee ice-cream: genius!

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